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The most often asked question that I hear as IFWDA Membership Director is “I belong to an off-road club. How do we join the IFWDA.“ The second most asked question is "A few of my friends and I want to start an off road club, but don’t know where to start." The following are guidelines and suggestions on how to start an off-road club. Some of these guidelines are excerpts from "Starting a recreational club, by Joe Doyle, ILFWDA."


Getting together - You have several buddies that you frequently four-wheel with and you are ready to organize into an official club. Now that you have your common interest group together, it is time to pick a club name. Picking a club name might sound easy, but it is often the most disgusted in during the development of a new club. Pick a name that describes your vehicles, type of wheeling that you do, or where the club resides. A club logo should also be decided upon. The club logo is the means by which others will recognize your club. It can be used on club apparel and your website. Have your resident computer expert create a website or Facebook page for your new club. It doesn’t have to be real fancy it first, but exposure is the key to potential new members.

How your Club will function and organize is very important. I suggest initially that the club choose a Coordinator and Co-Coordinator. They will aid in the organization and start up of your club. After a period of time the club can nominate and elect officers, i.e. a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. At this point in time, it is recommended to get down on paper what your club is, who it consist of, and how the club at business is managed. These bylaws will save disagreements down the road. The Internet is good source for example of bylaws.


On the business end of things it is wise to establish a mailing address and a club checking account. The mailing address can be that of your president or a common PO Box at the local post office. The club checking account will provide a means to make payments and protect the club funds. It is suggested to have at least  two club officers as signers on the account. One of two suggestions that your club can do to better serve and protect your club in its members has to obtain an employee ID number (IEN). This also may be necessary to create a club checking account. The club can request a tax ID number from the IRS. Another suggestions is that your club may want to incorporate. By filing with the State as a non-profit organization you are limiting yourself toward potential liability. This protects all members of the organization. Most clubs do file as corporations.


Communication is a huge key to a successful club. Plan to develop a newsletter to keep members informed. this can also be done through your website, social media, emails, and discussion forms.


You now have an off-road club and you’re ready to take the next step and join the IFWDA. IFWDA can broaden your four wheeling experience and will help your club network and get in touch with other four wheelers and like-minded people. IFWDA serves to  protect our environment as well as our sport while working with the State Government to regulate and provide access to a natural resources.


The clubs that make up IFWDA are always welcoming new clubs in the association. The following are recommended steps in order to join a IFWDA.

1. Contact the IFWDA Membership Director or any IFWDA board member with your clubs intentions of joining the association.

2. Select two delegates and one alternate to attend IFWDA quarterly meetings.

3. Attend the next quarterly IFWDA meeting introduction, nomination, and election into the association.

4. Provide a roster of members, with addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses along with the required membership dues to the Membership Director.


Congratulations on becoming the newest club of Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association!

Annual dues for an individual member is $30 for membership in BOTH Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association and the United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA). Annual dues are are $25 for a member through a club (plus any applicable club dues). Our membership tear runs from March 1st to February 28th. For new members joining late in the year (after September 15th) there is a $5 reduction in the first years dues.

Please send a check or money order to:


1377 Kirby Road

Gosport, IN 47433

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